The Six Capitals approach to sustainability rests on creating a vision of absolute sustainability, then diligently researching, with your organisation, the strategies and opportunities for positive development and devising a systematic method to deliver the sustainability goal.  It’s the plan – do – check – act cycle informed through a foundation of data (evidence) and delivered with the mix of technology and behavior change techniques relevant to your business.

“Absolute” sustainability might look like cities that have zero harmful emissions and are restorative to the atmosphere, cities that draw on natural resources at rates below the rate of ecological replacement, cities that recognize the diversity of human, social and intellectual capital and strategically plan to protect and enhance each unique value.  Cities have been described as “mankind’s greatest invention”[1], sustainable cities will be our greatest achievement.  They’ll be vibrant, thriving and resilient and everybody and every building plays a part.

  1. PLAN:   Planning and leadership go hand in hand.   Best practice planning ensures strong policies are enacted throughout organisations in a way that empowers people in their adoption.  Engagement through planning maximises the potential for internalising motivation, one of the determining factors for a successful system
  2. DO:  Clarity in actions and training in responsibilities ensures repeatable success.  Identifying the lead indicators of success and ensuring effective feedback loops where data is turned into information and knowledge delivered to the right people at the right time, reinforcing achievement and empowering those best equipped to use it
  3. CHECK: Management’s capacity to ensure effective engagement and compliance is the ability to understand the indicators of success, the guides from which corrections in course can be made at the earliest opportunity.  Checking using quantified information that can be shared easily and repeatably
  4. ACT: Empowered people, using their knowledge of measured performance acting to continuously improve systems and methods to deliver the goals. Reducing key person dependencies and building intellectual capital that stays with the organisation

Six Capitals Consulting can help you in any of these aspects of delivering sustainable business, sustainable buildings or sustainable cities.  Contact Bruce Precious on 0418 430 586 or to discuss how Six Capitals Consulting can work with you on your sustainability and performance objectives.

[1] Triumph of the City by Edward Glaeser

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