Why six capitals consulting?

Six capitals is a primary framework for sustainable cities

About us

Six Capitals Consulting is focused on working with businesses, industry organisations and governments to deliver the promise of sustainable cities.   These cities will create human, social, environmental, financial, intellectual and built capital, not at the expense of one over another, but simultaneously and co-operatively.


The six capitals include:


Protecting and restoring the natural environment to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and to reverse the threats to biodiversity are among mankind's greatest challenges


Cities provide the right environment for people to thrive, that's why people continue to flock to successful cities. Treasuring diversity, nurturing the disadvantaged will continue the success


Cities are a human construct of places to protect us from the elements, the built environment and the infrastructure that support our daily activities


Financial capital is tracked meticulously across our economy. Distributing financial capital fairly and in support of the right mix of the other capitals is the key to success


Continually building the body of knowledge will help us build sustainable cities. Using real data to support decision making and to inform designs is the great opportunity


Cities that are mindful of people, that support making connections, that promote learning and personal development that isn't just work, that provide a safety net for the disadvantaged and create a culture of caring

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